Some C&As May Have Trouble Incorporating Active Video Games

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Some C&As may have trouble incorporating active video games into their everyday routine. Although, video games are a staple of almost every single child’s daily routine, “active” video games may not be. It can be difficult to have C&As drop all passive video games for exclusively active video games so, the best case of action is incorporation active video games that do not require a home-based video console. Active video games on mobile phone could take advantage of the C&A’s time away from home. Using the mobile device’s built in accelerometer and GPS, mobile phone active video games are accessible wherever the user wishes. For example, games like Pokémon GO, Zombies, Run!, and The Walk use narrative-based stories and quests to keep…show more content…
Moreover, the fourth- grade students improved their performance on a mile run by 13.8%, and students’ enthusiasm toward sports, fitness, and dance increased.” (Staiano & Calvert, 2011 p. 4)
The main difficulty with incorporating active video games into physical education seems to be the lack of interest towards the end of the regimen. Also, these tests were used on older technology like Dance Dance Revolution and the Nintendo Wii. If newer technology was incorporated, the results may have improved. The best possible active video game physical education course would keep interest levels high in both genders and keep elevated levels of physical activity.
The quintessential active video game, Pokémon GO, seems to have gotten every aspect right during its launch. With millions of users logging more steps than ever, it quickly became the standard for the new era of active video games. Some people had complete lifestyle revamps due to the game. In order to incorporate active video games into C&A’s lifestyle, it must have the same kind of habitual effect that Pokémon GO once had. Initially, Pokémon GO players who began in a sedentary lifestyle benefitted the most (Wong, 2017). These players increased their daily moderate physical activity levels by 44%, low level physical activity by 25%, and high physical activity levels by 31% (Wong, 2017). The added incentive of

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