Some Difficulties of Translating English Phrasal Verbs Into Russian

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Some Difficulties of Translating English Phrasal Verbs into Russian ANNOTATION Diploma paper is devoted to a very current theme about the translating of English phrasal verbs to Russian. Translating of English phrasal verbs is very important part of the science of translation because it couldn’t be a real good correct translation without correct translating of the phrasal verbs. The paper consists of four parts which touch upon questions of the history of translation in Russia and its development, some points of tranlsating theory, the consideration of some ways of the translation of English phrasal verbs, and…show more content…
To use the translation the speech forms in general use; 5. To reproduce the general impression in corresponding key, produced by the original, by choosing and placing words correctly. In 1790 the Englishman A. Tayler formed the following requests to the translation in his book “The principles of the translation”: 1. The translation should transfer the ideas of the original completely; 2. The style and way of the exposition should be the same as in the original; 3. The translation should be read with the same easiness as the original works. The translation is the multifaceted phenomenon and some aspects of it can be the subjects of the research of different sciences. In the frames of the science of translation psychological, literature critical, ethnographical and other points of translation as well as the history of translation in one or other country are being studied. According to the subject of research we use the knowledge of the psychology of translation, the theory of art and literary translation, ethnographical science of translation, historical science of translation and so on. The main place in the modern translation belongs to linguistic translation, which studies the translation as linguistic phenomenon. The different kinds of translation complement each other and strive to detailed description of

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