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Therefore, the conflict process consists of various stages with the first one being the existence of situations that create enable conflict to arise. The other stages in this process are cognition and personalization, aims, behavior, and results.
Group Think and Cohesiveness: Group think is an aspect that takes place when a team makes flawed decisions due to the existing pressures that result in decline of moral judgment and evaluation of reality. Cohesiveness is regarded as the most significant antecedent of groupthink since it provides false feedback to the group members regarding the compatibility of personalities and attitudes. The main way with which cohesiveness leads to group think is that it results in less self-censorship as individuals don't deviate from the obvious group consensus. As a result of cohesiveness, group members are less motivated to actually consider the alternative courses of action resulting in group pressures that contribute to carelessness, irrational thinking and poor decisions ("What is Groupthink?" n.d.).
Added-Value Negotiation: Unlike the traditional negotiating techniques, Added-Value Negotiation is a five-step process that allows negotiation to start with constructive and cooperative direction that is based on…

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