Some Environmental Problems in Viet Nam Today

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Some environmental problems in Viet Nam today
Thai Cong Tung
Abstracts Demographic growth, urbanization, industrialization, infrastructure development...are contributing to increase stress on the natural resource base in Viet Nam today. The paper highlighted those stresses : the rural exodus to the cities due to scarce land resources in the countryside, the pollution problems in the urban environment, the migration of people to forested areas with direct impacts including the deforestation, the watershed degradation and the loss of biodiversity. Striking a balance between population growth and conserving the natural resources are necessary for a sustainable development which is to move away from resource exploitation and more toward
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The recent development of water supply projects in the cities and townships has not met the increasing demands of urban population and huge investment is necessary to improve water supply facilities in the cities. 212.Water drainage Most urban centers are served by various forms of open drainage such as ditches and street gutters. Only a small percentage has access to sewerage systems. The lack of wastewater treatment in the cities constitutes a major health hazard during periods of storm and flooding, when coliform and fecal pollutants from human wastes are easily spread through contaminated floodwaters.Water logging problems in the main cities are due to the dilapidated drainage systems and an aging culvert system, parts of which dated since the French administration. The inadequacy of drainage systems causes flood in many areas in the cities and all the wastes flow together with the rainy waters into canals and lakes. Maintenance of existing systems has not kept pace with the increasing influx of population. 213 Water pollution. Water pollution is the most serious environmental problem and with a growing urbanization, many cities are ill equipped to provide their growing populations the safe water and sanitation they need. a / Sources of water pollution. It may come from: . wastewater from industries and minor handicrafts which have

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