Some Learners Might Find It Frustrating When The Gamified

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Some learners might find it frustrating when the gamified application is not going their way. The rules set in the application can limit them and put them in a box. Repeating the same set of story after a while will be off-putting, especially if all the levels of the application have been completed. Bellotti et al (2010) mentioned that poor gamified designs can lead to disengagement. Schools may not have the budget for a gamified application while families with low income may not have the fund to purchase expensive devices. It is well documented that addiction in games is a real problem, using gaming in a non-gaming context could still lead to addiction. Bellotti et al (2010) and Cohen (2011) mentioned that users can be addicted to…show more content…
It evaluates the level at which each learner is using the “in-lesson grading system”, reward is inherent to each word learned. It targets the behavioural engagement of each learner, if a learner fails a challenge set, Duolingo immediately demonstrates and displays ways to improve. Since the application focuses on translating words and sentences, users can comment on other users’ translation; this provides valuable feedback (Duolingo 2017). For motivational purposes, this educational application records how many days a learner has spent learning language, Duolingo research has concluded that 34 hours of using the application is an equivalent of a term in a university. This gamified app has increased voluntary participation with over 100 million users, coupled with students becoming fluent in their chosen language within few months. It challenges and rewards each learner while also facilitating learning and influencing behaviour. There is something for all user types; for achievers, the highest rated translations are published for other users to view and save. There are points and levels to be collected. For socialisers, there is the opportunity to interact with other users. The Explorers can learn as many languages as they can, while the Free Spirit can be as creative as purpose with their avatars and characters. Another example where gamification has worked

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