Some Of The Fondest Memories I Have Of My Childhood Involved

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Some of the fondest memories I have of my childhood involved my grandfather. My Papa; as my cousins, brother, and myself knew him; always had an active role in my childhood. Living only fifteen minutes away from my family at his small home in a tiny lake community, he constantly was on duty as babysitter, cook, driver as well as many other things. Papa would always help. He was known and admired for being helpful and loving to not only his family, but to the friends and community around him. Since I was born, he lived on a small lake called Babcock Lake in a camp nicknamed the Tucker Inn. For as long as I can remember my summers were spent in the private, hidden community around Tibbitt’s State Forest with him and my family. It was at…show more content…
We all could live, love, and laugh together and my grandfather was an integral part of this. Unfortunately, in the year 2006, my grandfather was diagnosed with melanoma and had a tough road ahead of him. After the initial surgeries and treatment, the prognosis was looking good. However after a simple procedure in Boston, my grandfather suffered a stroke, lost all his memory and would never recover. Visiting him during the final days is something I will never forget. How sad it was to see a man once so strong and active. A man that would lift weights in his late 60’s and ski and bike until his 70’s crippled by such a terrible disease. He passed away on May 27th of 2006 after 76 wonderful years life. His death was devastating as it was the first death of a family member I had experienced. Who knew life could be so precious? The end had ensued so quickly for my grandfather. Being exposed to this was tough for a nine-year-old to handle, but the memories from the few days following were ones that shaped my life forever. As a young catholic boy in a small town, my parents were quick to enlist me in the role as an alter server. This service preparation had shown me what a funeral was like. I had been to many and seen what most look like in the small town of Hoosick Falls. Some were well attended, but most would never fill up the church. I remember the morning of my grandfather’s funeral almost like it was yesterday. My

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