Some People Do Experience Both Anxiety And Depression

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Some people do experience both anxiety and depression. Why? Let 's talk a bit about both disorders and you will see how they can be somewhat related, and how one has the possibility of leading to the other. Sometimes, a person can start with one disorder and before they know it, the other one sneaks up on them. In certain circles that is called "double indemnity". Want to know more? How one often leads to the other. Anxiety, simply described, is obsessive nervousness and worry. It can be related to things that happened in the past (like post traumatic stress disorder) or it can be related to something that might happen in the future (like panic disorder). Depression, on the other hand, is identified, in its simplest form, by a loss of interest and/or enjoyment in anything the person used to do, including daily activities. So it is easy to see how one of these would lead to the other, sort of a progression as it were. In other words, how can you enjoy your life if you are constantly worried and nervous? Crudely put, anxiety empties the joy out of life, and the basic definition of depression is a joyless life. So how do you treat anxiety and depression? Both anxiety and depression are unfounded thoughts and feelings that are not connected with reality, and most of time, spiral out of control. Doctors will treat both with the same or similar prescription medications. That is what they are trained to do. You might want to find out the side effects before deciding to
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