Some Questions and Answers "Contents of Dead Man's Pocket"

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Some questions and answers "Contents of Dead Man's Pocket" 1. (a) Recall: What document is Tom working on at the start of the story? (b) Analyze Cause and Effect: What long-term goals does he hope to achieve by this work? (c) Draw Conclusions: What does his plan tell you about his character? Ans : (a) Tom is working on a proposal for a new grocery-store display method. (b) He hopes it will advance his career. (c) Tom is ambitious and cares deeply about his work. 2. (a) Recall: Why does Tom go out on the ledge? (b) Connect: Is his decision surprising given his character? Explain. Ans: (a) Tom goes out on the ledge to retrieve a sheet of statistics. (b) No, Tom seems to be completely consumed with ambition. 3. (a)…show more content…
The author utilized setting expertly as he casually introduces the fact that the apartment is on the eleventh floor of a New York apartment building during the first few paragraphs of the story. The scene is further set when the contrast between the warmth in the apartment and the coldness of the ledge is portrayed when his wife leaves for the movies. An additional contrast in setting is created as he will be working, and later be stuck on the cold ledge, fighting for his life, while his wife is relaxing in the comfort of the theatre. The author utilizes a narrator with an omniscient point of view. This allows the reader to get an insight into the thoughts and feelings of Tom. The use of this type of narrator also allows the author to control what and how much is revealed to the reader in building suspense. The point of view used influences the effectiveness of suspense as the narrator reveals the various thoughts and feelings of Tom at the correct point in the development of the story to keep the reader absorbed by the developments. The narrator's perspective affects your understanding of the story. The tone in this story is seemingly neutral and factual, but on closer assessment it becomes clear that the author, Jack Finney, portrays a sympathetic view towards the character Tom Benecke. The way the narrator is telling the story results in a lot of suspense. Will Tom go out on the ledge? Will he be able to retrieve the yellow paper? Will he be able to stay on

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