Some Skills For Studying Psychology

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Some Skills for Studying Psychology (SSSP) (2) Mindfulness Video 1. The essence of Dan Harris’s personal message regarding mindfulness meditation is that meditation is good for the brain. It helps to tame the voices individuals hear in their mind. It is a good form of exercise for the brain and consents the brain to relax from everyday stressing thoughts. Blood pressure decreases and improves the immune system. 2. (a). In the book “The healing power of meditation: Leading experts on Buddhism, psychology, and medicine explore the health benefits of contemplative practice.”, in the “Chapter: Meditation and Neuroscience”, neuroscientist Sara Lazar shows results in her investigation in a MRI scan, which shows that the grey matter in the brain can change when meditation is done. (b). Fraser, A. (2013). The healing power of meditation. Boston: Shambhala. “The neuroscientist Sara Lazar uses an MRl scanner to measure brain activity and investigate how regular practice can alter the structure of a meditator 's brain. She presents some of her most recent research, which has shown that meditation changes parts of the brain responsible for processing emotions, and has a powerful effect on the amygdala, the brain 's trigger for fear, stress, and anger.” (p. 79-89). (c). This reference supports the claim. (3) Journal Article Exercise 1. (c). Confounding variable: A variable that is neither the dependent nor independent, when not controlled, may alter the outcome of the dependent
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