Some Theories of Crime

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Theories of crime Richard Ramirez, a 25 year old unemployed Hispanic male was responsible for at least 16 murders in Los Angeles between 1984 and 1985.his victims were of the ages of six and eight, he used a wide range of weapons like guns, knives, tire irons and even his bare hands. He was always dressed in black an AD hat and avian shoes (Grise, 2010). He attacked people all over Los Angeles and would steal cars to get to his destinations where he pawned off valuables from victims. He continued his spree of murder, sodomy, burglary, sexual assault and attempted murder. He was born in 1960 in El Paso Texas, his father Julian Ramirez was a Mexican immigrant and mother Mercedes Ramirez a Mexican American citizen and they worked for long hours to support their family (Grise, 2010). Julian was an abusive parent, to his wife and children he physically beat them, all the children in that family had medical difficulties during their early childhood due to due to nuclear bomb tests that were conducted in that area. Richard was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy when in fifth grade and was a hyper and aggressive child. He started to lose interest in school due to lack of parental supervision. He had four siblings but opted to spend time with his cousin Micheal, who was a Vietnam veteran who enjoyed killing and raping Vietnamese women for his entertainment. His cousin taught him stealth war tactics, how to use weapons, how to fight and even went as far as showing him photos
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