Some Theorists Believe Cinema Must Be Realistic And May

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Some theorists believe cinema must be realistic and may only be seen as art if it remains in its original form—a static image on film stock. Others, however, argue that cinema is an important and relevant art medium no matter its form. Digital cinema, while making use of new and different technologies such as animation, is the next step in the evolution of film. Contrary to what certain theorists believe, it is the most efficient and most artistically inclined way to create films as it offers a world of possibilities. This is elaborated on in “Digital Cinema and the History of a Moving Image,” an excerpt from “What Is Cinema?” the sixth chapter of The Language of New Cinema, a book penned by Lev Manovich. Indeed, the author describes how…show more content…
This mobility was acquired thanks to pre-cinematic creations such as the Zootrope. What followed was the debut of cinema as a moving image on film stock. This prompted documentary-style short films, such as L’Arrivée d’un train en gare à la Ciotat by Auguste and Louis Lumière, as well as, later on, fictional feature films, like Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times. However, “by mid-2011, 50 per cent of the more than 39,500 North American screens had become digital. [And, in] the United States, the major distributors have announced that they will cease to distribute films on 35mm film by the end of 2013.” Thus, certain directors such as James Cameron and George Lucas are advocates for fully digitally shot films. As a matter of fact, “in 1984, George Lucas developed EditDroid and SoundDroid, computerized, electronic non-linear editing systems for image and sound.” Furthermore, cinema has evolved in terms of animation as well. In fact, the types of animation that are currently in use are so entirely different than the kinds filmmakers had to use in the past. For example, while Meliès was required to hand-paint each and every single one of his film’s frames for Le Voyage dans la Lune, James Cameron’s Avatar was able to make use of digital technologies in order to make the film 3D as well as to turn human actors into the aliens featured in the film. Nevertheless, this new technological development

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