Some Things Never Change, Kinda

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Some Things Never Change, Kinda When was the last time you wrote a formal letter to a colleague or family member? What did the greeting on the last card you sent say? For many of us, the art of writing formal correspondence ended with school mandated assignments. Very few of us will continue on in careers which would require us to produce lengthy reports or write formal letters frequently. It may be that we will provide the administrative staff with the skeleton of a formal letter and expect that they would have the expertise to convert it into a grammatically accurate product. The reality is, due to the rapid advances in technological communication, we will rely less on lengthy formal correspondence as we increase the volume of communication we do via email and texting. We will find new ways of expressing ourselves and people will accept what was once considered to be slang as modern English. Tweeting and texting provide a platform for the English language to continue its evolution while still maintaining its foundation. Just as the American spelling, with the help of Noah Webster, evolved out of a need for a new identity, we are once again at a time where the digital age is refining or creating a new global language. The digital age has gifted to us new words and ways to express ourselves. If it weren’t for the digital age, we would still be saying “I did a web search on google to find out more about evolution” instead of just saying “I googled evolution”. The most
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