Some Things Never Change?

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Some Things Never Change “Your sister is going to be live with us for a while.” These words spoken emotionlessly, hiding his contempt of the situation. His sky eyes betrayed him though. Neveah clutching tight into my chest, her fatty hands strong enough to leave marks. Her young soul tormented as she tries to assemble the pieces of her broken world. Running my fingers through her kinky golden hair, looking back at Connor,”Hey bud...Are you alright...?” I quickly came to the realization it was worthless, as he burrowed his head deeper in his lap,in the corner of the vehicle. Resembling an armadillo shielding himself from the surrounding trauma. “Well, at least I get to see my little sister..” This was the only joy I could draw from my thoughts on that unusually temperate Mother 's Day. The one of the two days a year that “dear old dad” Would drag my little brother, Connor, and I to our mothers house, like cattle to a slaughterhouse. “Maybe she has finally changed” I prayed as Con-Con followed me across the threshold of her tiny decaying house. My senses were instantly under siege. Nostrils burning with the stench of cigarettes and mildew, eyes poisoned with clutter and the sores around mother 's face. We would greet Mother as she tried to pretend that she was always in our life. Through dogging kisses and clutter, I finally laid eyes on my new love. My little sister Neveah. Perfect, Sky blue eyes with Tornado like dandelion yellow hair. At the age of two, the world is

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