Some Things To Be Aware When It Comes To Dealing With The

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Some Things To Be Aware When It Comes To Dealing With The Homeless When people think of being homeless in Las Vegas, images of dirty ‘bums’ scattered on the streets ravaging for food in garbage cans and begging for money comes up. The grimness and stench of trash from these people fills the air and causes everyone to hold their noses because of the outdoor sweaty smells that normally accompanies them. Of course, not all homeless people are like this because there are many who keep themselves well-groomed. Being homeless technically means the person is without a home, not that they are necessarily an animal of some sort or even careless or uneducated, they are just in a current living situation where they are living outside but this does…show more content…
Homeless people who look clean and neat are usually truly homeless and in need of genuine help because they are taking advantage of programs that want to help them such as Charities and churches. Some of the dirty homeless people will actually reject help. The drug addicts will reject a sandwich if offered to them because they want the money instead. Remember the homeless guy from ‘Scary Movie’ that said, “I said a dollar, bitch!” and tossed the sandwich back at the main character? Some “dirty” homeless people are really like that. As stated earlier, homeless people ,of course, are humans, so they have human ways. They could be very picky eaters and will ask that you buy them certain foods. I knew some homeless people who were vegetarians! I was one. There are also soup kitchen and food pantries if you need something quick and free to eat. You can recognize a homeless person based on the clothes they wear. A laborer would typically wear dirty clothes, which is normal, however, if you see a person who is wearing dirty clothing with obvious dried up stains that haven’t been washed out in months then they might be a homeless person. Some homeless people don’t go to the laundromat for various reasons and others are always there because of course they want to stay clean and their skin healthy. As stated earlier, the drug addicts or people with mental disabilities will choose not to wash their clothes, but real homeless people strive to
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