Some Thoughts About Education By John Locke

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In his book Some Thoughts Concerning Education, John Locke suggested ways that reading might be introduced to young children. In Section 150 of the book, Locke wrote, "Contrivances might be made to teach children to read, whilst they thought they were only playing." Explain what Locke meant by this, basing your thinking on examples from the reading. Then, discuss whether you agree disagree with Locke and why. John Locke wrote, “Contrivances might be made to teach children to read, whilst they thought they were only playing,” in his book Some Thoughts Concerning Education. With this statement Locke meant that children can learn to read even when they believe that they are only playing. Locke felt that different devices…show more content…
The fact of the matter is that children learn differently; and some learn better when they think they are just playing. Even though I do agree with Locke’s style of learning, I don’t believe that learning should be limited to play. Play is a good learning technique but sometimes other types of instruction can be just as effective.
Jane Addams "foresaw a compassionate, interdependent world revolving around the principles of social justice, fairness, tolerance, respect, equal opportunity, civic responsibility and hope for every individual, family and community" ( To that end, she founded Hull House in 1889, where she instituted numerous innovative educational opportunities for people living in poverty. Describe two of these innovations that you believe have had the greatest impact on communities and/or education today, and explain why. Although I believe that all of the innovative educational opportunities that Jane Addams implemented have made a great impact on the community and education, the two that I believe have made the most impact are college extension classes and trade instruction classes. College extension classes are very important to the community and education. Most colleges today offer different extension classes. Many of them offer the convenience of going on campus or online. This
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