`` Some Thoughts On Mercy ``

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It is no secret that the United States of America has a problem with civil unrest, as that was essentially what the country was founded upon. As a sophisticated young individual living in modern times, one can see how the naïve public thought that the problems of the past would stay in the past. The only difference is the groups represented in each party. Police, skepticism, and fear are all still prevalent factors in today’s society, just the people being oppressed are not colonists, but minorities living fairly in this country. I personally feel disgusted by the fact that individuals have to live their lives consistently looking behind their backs, but I’m not the only one. Ross Gay, an African-American professor at Indiana University and author of “Some Thoughts on Mercy”, knows firsthand this feeling of paranoia and a mistrust in law enforcement. After reading his article “Some Thoughts on Mercy”, I really do believe it boils down to one simple message. Growing skepticism and fear of the presence of an ever-looming police force is directly affecting the psychological and physical health of minorities who are unjustly racially profiled by law enforcement. Ross Gay conveys this through his own personal accounts, and encounters with law enforcement. Sadly, this is a prevalent issue in the United States, one that should not be overlooked. Now when talking about the psychological or physical health of anyone other than yourself, any piece of information is subjective to the
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