Some Thoughts On Playwriting By Thornton Wilder

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In sum, life is supposed to be about more than happiness. We are supposed to do something important, adhere to some ethic, and serve a greater good. We live for a goal, a principle, or a destiny—not just for pleasure.1 The epigraph succinctly exemplifies Wilder’s philosophy of life during the turbulent years of his age which witnessed the emergence of a plethora of problems in the different wakes of life. The repercussions of the Great Depression were rather disastrous on all domains of life. There were widespread problems such as unemployment, high rates of organized crime, breakdown of family and social relationships, the individual’s disintegration, political unrest at home and abroad, etc. At that time,…show more content…
He himself paid a lot of attention to such a matter. In his essay entitled “Some Thoughts on Playwriting” (1941), Wilder argued that there are four principles which make drama very distinctive and different from the other arts. The most relevant of these principles of the dramatic genre is that “It is addressed to the group-mind;” 3 which means that drama orientates its message a very broad audience. Stresau affirms that it is not possible to exclude the fact that Thornton Wilder paid a lot of attention to the future in his work which “contains the man of twentieth century who, in the maelstrom of toppling orders, has frighteningly lost his orientation. Faced with the question of how to live, what is left for him but to trust … the promise that grows out of the unknowable?”…show more content…
The Stage Manager acts as the spokesman for Wilder’s propaganda to bring to light what is positive and encouraging in the American society. He will show what happens in Grover’s Corners, “In our town we like to know the facts about everybody”(I.9)13. The society here is depicted as conducting a very happy life. As a matter of fact, “Living in “our town’’ includes a social unity and harmony with nature, the fulillment of the individual within the community.” 14 Such a harmony stands behind the source of happiness strongly felt by the people in this

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