Some Tips on Car Restoration

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Some Tips on Car Restoration Whenever someone decides to take the initiative to restore a car, it requires a serious commitment. I have seen too many people begin work and never finish. The successful car restorer chooses a car that fits his/her personality and budget, and follows the job through to the end. One must have a love for the process as well as the product, or the project will be rushed and end up to be worthless. I learned this tedious process when I was just fourteen years old, barely able to perform the difficult and sometimes dangerous tasks that are required to complete a show car. I would not recommend taking the steps I did my first time, so I will outline the best method I have learned through experience.…show more content…
The small block Chevrolet V-8 is the engine to get if you want to keep your options open. There are endless possibilities for carburation, exhaust, ignition, cooling, and transmission compatibility. These engines can generate anywhere from 150 horsepower to a stout 800 ponies with the help of nitrous oxide fuels. For the common enthusiast, an aluminum air intake and a four barrel carburetor combine to make the perfect upgrade. This is the path I took, increasing the horsepower of my 307 cubic inch V-8 from 200 to around 245. If oil is passing by the pistons into the firing chambers and being exhausted in the form of blue smoke, rebuilding the engine is a good idea. This process is not as difficult as it might seem, but there are many specialty tools required like an engine hoist, piston ring pliers, and a cylinder reamer. It is a good idea to have it done professionally if the tools are not readily available. I was lucky enough to have the garage space and tools to complete the job myself, but I would only recommend this if you have a lot of time to spend on your engine. The more time that is spent on the engine the better the project will be in the end. Once the mechanical systems of the car have been completed, the interior (passenger compartment) is the most logical step to complete next. The cloth that lines the roof is called the headliner. If it is in good shape, you are already half done.
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