Some Writers Aren’T That Clear On What They Do Precisely

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Some writers aren’t that clear on what they do precisely as a writer. Explaining to people with a 9 to 5 job, who think writers sit in a dark room, eat ice cream, and type away at 3 am. Is considered a job or how a person gets paid for it. When reality a writer sacrifices their sleep for the perfect scene they plotted in their head just before breakfast. I’ve been writing for years and I still would stay up past midnight thinking how I could improve countless scenes with more descriptive words. For example, how to make a fight scene real without confusing the reader or myself especially, when I go back and proofreading the short story I’ve just written. Explaining what a writer does is simple, well for me. Not everybody is the same, but…show more content…
And knowing what sentence structure is. It’s a subject along with a verb. How many sentences should be in a paragraph before making the paragraph too short or long for the reader to read, before they start freaking out due to the denseness of words. The style I’m writing in and I’m doing it correctly? I’m I trying to persuasive you to go see BTS? Or I’m I writing a Narrative. Who knows. Are my lines in my stanza even?
By using precision, Writers can describe what their characters will look like for the readers, to give them an idea or a picture while reading. Also by using precision, facts of any kind and historical dates must be correct, if using them in your story. Or your readers will call you out for falsify dates and information. How is writing this book or poem relevant to now? Because as a writer you write about what you know and don’t know. When a writer writes about what he or she knows and not know it’s like they’re putting pieces of themselves into the story to making the story seem alive. Its’s how we cope with our struggles , live out the life wanted, and what we wanted to feel at that point of our lives. Writers who are writing books use depth to give their characters a personality, by doing that the readers will connect with the character and the book will appear more real instead of words written on pages. By also using depth it will determine how messed up the characters are and how their personal problems
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