Some of the Issues Affecting the Current Marketing Communication Strategies Are

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Marketing communication is mostly known as “ the process by which the marketer develops and presents an appropriate set of communication stimulus to a defined target audience with the intention of eliciting a decisive set of responses”( Yeshin, 1999). Therefore, it is the process whereby thoughts are shared and meanings conveyed in a convincing manner by an organization to its target audience for the patronage of their product and services over their competitors with the use of the promotional mix.

In other for an organizations product and services to sell, the organization needs to develop an effective marketing communication strategy.
Marketing communication strategy defines the business plan for product information dissemination
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 Publicity, which is projecting or enhancing useful information of an organization to the stakeholders or public/customers.
 Point of purchase communication; it encompasses displays, posters, signs and variety of other materials that are designed to influence buying decisions.
The use of each Marketing communication tools shown above has its own unique role to play. Since marketing communication managers have a variety of communication tools at their disposal, the how and when to use the best combination of these tools becomes an issue.

Media Fragmentation
The integrated marketing communication media are fragmented, making it more difficult to communicate a message clearly. This is because, consumers are bombarded by thousands of pieces of information each and everyday, not having a consistent message makes communicating with the consumers even more difficult.
Cables, satellite and digital television provide media buyers with an increasing and complex range of opportunities and the internet which is part of the new media presents challenges for all communications as customer looks for new ways to gather information and make purchase.
Measuring response
A marketer in defining outcomes, associated matrix as well as definitions for each matrix is a critical issue particularly with marketing budget experiencing higher scrutiny. Agencies who have grown in the creation of expensive campaigns, which have been difficult to evaluate the success of,
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