Some of the Problems India Has Had to Face

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India is a very fast developing country in the world, one of the fastest. India also has the fastest growing economy in the world (Beck). But at the same time there are several problems yet today in Modern India which is affecting the development and growth of the country. The social problems in India today have their roots in the diversity of religion, language, and culture. There were many people to have huge attachment to one’s region, language, religion and when these attachments grow to an crazy extreme level they create intolerance for other religions, languages, problems are bound to rise. So many cases of tragedy such as peaceful protests, riots and poverty has shaped the outcome of what India has become today. "An eye for an eye makes everybody blind" summarizes Gandhi's view of violence. Gandhi did not believe in violence as a technique of achieving his goal of an independent India. He taught non-violent non effort to create for the people of India. When Gandhi was arrested many times and put to prison, his followers were tempted to fight back to British authorities. Gandhi fasted until he convinced his followers to stop fighting so that he would eat again. After that Gandhi thought the British authorities would free the indian people as they wanted to be. Gandhi was wrong. Brigadier General Dyer ordered his soldiers to open fire open field of people. Killing thousands of women children and men. This massacre took place in Bagh where they held their
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