Someland: A Case Study

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The table presents how many hours of leisure is invested yearly in Someland by some criteria as Watching TV/Videos, Socializing with 4 or less people, Socializing with 4 or more people, Individual exercise, Group exercise/sports and Cinema. Additionally, on the rows is possible to observe the evolution from Teens through decades until seniors age. According to the table, Watching TV/Videos is the most popular leisure independent of people’s age with an average of 728 hours, mainly during Teens and above 70s hours of leisure reaches peaks of 1.100 hours and 1.200 respectively. An interesting fact is noticed while comparing Socializing with 4 or less people with Socializing with 4 or more people through years. From Teens until 30s the majority tend to interact less with 4 or less people around 150 hours yearly. At the same period, Socializing with 4 or more people reach 350 hours per year. After the 30s, there are a smoothly decrease in hours of interaction for both criteria.…show more content…
On the other hand, Individual exercise maintains an average of 130 hours yearly during the entire life. No one would dispute that Cinema is the less popular leisure for the interviewed resulting only 57 hours on average yearly on people’s life. However, Cinema hours from the 60s and above is higher than Group exercise/sport and Socializing with 4 and more people
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