Someone Special To Be My Hero Analysis

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Someone Special to be my Hero Wade Boggs once said anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad. That would be my father because he was a great father, husband, and soldier. I still look up to him and he keeps inspiring me to become better and be better I love him and I’m honored to be writing this essay about why I think this. As I said he was a father first, he taught me no matter what happen that family always came first because you cannot always trust them but they would be there for you if you needed them. He also taught me to respect your wife because things will get tough and there will be rough patches but she is the mother to your children and you will always love her for her and her flaws. He also taught me that…show more content…
He also taught me that you also needed to be courageous because life is tough and you need the courage to stand up to it and get the job done. Last he taught me to have honor in whatever I do because I did it and no one can take that away from me. That’s also why I joined the military to honor my father and be an inspiration to my kids like he was to me. Finally he was a husband to my mother where I learned many things from him. One thing is that it is harder to be honest than to lie and that lies can have devastating effects on a marriage so it’s always better to just be honest. He also taught me that we are human and we are not always right no matter how much we think we are right. Last he taught me to be strong because being a husband means to be the rock in the relationship and you have to be there for her no matter what situation is going on. This is why I see him as my dad not just my father because he is a great father which taught and inspired me to be a great father. He was a great soldier which taught and inspired me to be the best person I can be. Finally he was a great husband which inspires me to keep being a great husband. I love my dad and I hope he will stay around for as long as he
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