Someone Was Movin ' Into Mrs. Dirk 's Old House

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Someone was movin’ into Mrs. Dirk 's old house, she had died many years back. She used to rock in her rocking chair on the porch. I remember she was a kind, old widow. Me and Hattie used to play in her old costumes: her hats, jewelry, and her dance shoes. She’d tell us stories of when she was in the Harlem Renaissance, she would show us pictures. She was beautiful. She was eighty-nine when she died. Now someone was movin’ into her old house. We watched the big, green truck drive up the dirt road and up the hill where Mrs. Dirk’s house sat. Me and Hattie watched behind the old wooden fence. “I hope they got a girl my age,” said Hattie. I wished the same thing and I know why. Hattie and I have spent every summer together for…show more content…
The man took a box out of the truck and marched into the house. A lady came around the truck to the back and pulled out a box . She was tall and thin. She wore ripped jeans and a long sleeve, yellow shirt. It was cut at the bottom in little strips. She wore a vest that was cut into little strips as well. She had long, blonde hair with a headband around it. She had long earrings and she wore sandals. She looked the same age as the man. She took the box into the house and a girl followed with a box. The girl was tall, definitely taller than me and skinny. She wore very short shorts, they were light blue. She wore a short sleeve tie die shirt that was cut into little strips at the bottom. She wore long earrings and dozens of bracelets. She had long, red, curly hair that was thick and wild. They continued to unload their truck. White folks movin’ into Mrs. Dirk 's house. I guess there 's nothing wrong with it, they got as much right to live here as we got as much right to live anywhere else. I wondered if that girl would want to play with me and Hattie. Hattie started to run toward her house. "Hattie, wait up!" I ran after her. We stopped under the big oak tree. "I thought we was gonna to say hello to them," I asked Hattie. "I ain 't gonna to say hello to them! I gotta tell my papa what kind of people moved in there," she answered. "You don 't know what kind of people they are. You haven 't even spoken to them yet." "I do
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