Something Differently-Personal Narrative

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*What if you did things a little differently… Would I still be sitting on top of this bed, writing about something that could’ve happened or would I be someplace else… I’ve lived a life before this one, most people don’t remember their previous life, but for some unknown reason, I do. I don’t understand why or how, but all I know is that the exact same thing happened in my life before. Until something fabricated differently on this particular day. I knew I was put on an end of all my misery… My last recognition of my recent past; felt like my arms, hands, feet, and legs were about to drop off, the coldness in my limbs were colder than I’ve ever felt before, my skin tone began to change, my skin paler than the yonder of the waning moon.…show more content…
“No worries,” the man replies, “Can’t have you keeling over again, gesturing me a flirty wink.” “Name’s Jack”, shaking my hand in a firm grip. “Ellie,” I reply, still flabbergasted that this is truly happening… I haven’t spoken to a different man since my previous life. Unless you count the guy at the post office… So I promised myself one thing in this life. That I won’t meet the man that concluded me becoming a crumbling, emotional mess. But then again, I can’t make any new flipping decisions! Maybe all this was meant to happen… On my way back home, after the conversation ended with me saying that I had an errand to run, (even though I did not), I begun to come back into reality, like my brain had finally caught up… Shouldn’t I be heading the other way? What’s happening to me?!? Usually, It’s like my feet know where to go and if I tried to change my direction, they never shift. Why did he say falling over ‘again’? Replaying and replaying the scenario in my head, nothing makes sense… Only one idea jumps to my attention. That I was being given this opportunity to change my encounters and misfortunes, maybe I wasn’t meant to die that
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