Something Evil in the Halls

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There were many kinds of lights in the world, the curvy neon signs to which society bowed and prayed, to the gentle illuminating stars that glowed of past secrets, but Cecelia knew these too fake, too bright lights were her least favorite. The phony light sucked at her, swirling out the memories of her fairies, making them bland, and planting in the painful recollections of mocking laughter and the absolute sureness that two plus two had to equal four.

The echoes of her shoes scurried away, climbing up the walls and throwing themselves from the tops of lockers back at her. She focused on the bouncing thuds of her steps. When Cecelia did that, the hallway was empty, but the moment her attention was diverted, the shadows hardened into bodies and the bodies focused into faces and the faces sharpened into twisting sneers.

Her mother didn’t believe her when she said there was something evil lurking in the halls. “Some children are very cruel, Cee.” She’d smooth back her curls with cold fingers. “But they’re not evil. They just don’t know how to handle someone who thinks so out of the box.” Cecelia had smiled and nodded and let her eyes creep over to the window above the kitchen sink where she could see the sun was blushing hard in embarrassment, preparing to race away from the teasing blackness.

Her hands…

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