Something Expressions Of The Old Man

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“Something Whispered in the Shakuhachi”, written by Garrett Hongo, is a sad poem that shows the sorrowful past life of this old man. Garrett Hongo is a Japanese American poet, who was born in Volcano, Hawai, on May 30, 1951. Although he born in America, he has missed his hometown all along and that is an important part of this poem. What’s more, this emotion is included in most compositions of him. After all, poets will produce their composition from their life and experience. This poem is extremely evocative and lyrical, which expresses Hongo’s spirit that can transcend the most challenging and demeaning of conditions. If a person wants to understand more about how the notion of the old man functions as a seminal concept for Hongo, I will suggest him to read more poems of him, such as “Roots”. Actually, it is obvious that the bamboo flutes is the main symbolism in both poems. The reason is that in the World War II, he was interned in a relocation camp , is ordered to leave his home and give up his belongings. Rather than have his precious flutes destroyed, he burns them himself. So in “Something Whispered in the Shakuhachi”, Hongo said that before the war, he was just a farmer and only planted bamboo. He knew how to let them grow up healthily and strongly, just like himself. And the flutes were made of bamboo, which could have lovely melodies, just like whispered. After the war, he came back to his hometown. Although bamboos and flutes all gone, his also can hear their
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