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There are four contemporary approaches to management: sociotechnical systems theory, quantitative management, organizational behavior, and systems theory.
The sociotechnical systems theory was first proven to the U.S. to be effective by the Japanese in the late 1980s, and it expresses that management should focus on making sure that they have well trained employees with the right tools and knowledge for the job. In this sense, the employees can put their heads together and produce innovative products in a productive manner, creating business success. However, quantitative management takes tides a different direction. It suggests that to be a successful business, you must use statistics and a form of visual modeling to influence
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Lastly, there’s the own business’s internal environment it has to worry about. How well can it handle holding its organizations culture, while the managers and employees continue to effectively turn resources into profits. All of the approaches to management are relevant to the three environments. Most certainly with its internal environment, which includes the managers and employees. Organizational behavior immediately addresses to resolving its internal environment’s issues by taking management to a psychological level to increase productivity. Taken positive attitudes to a different level.
However all companies must be aware of these three environments in order to be successful. Therefore, all four approaches to management needs to understand and flow with the changes in the environments. Systems theory is one contemporary approach that immediately takes these contingencies into consideration with its form of managing. Therefore success in the environments is achievable by that form of management, yet there are still economic factors that can affect all businesses. The market system is like a circuit board, when a business is introduces it becomes an open system, or, on a circuit board, a closed circuit. Let’s say the business’s goal is to produce donuts for people to enjoy. In this case there would be an open gap on the circuit board, or an open market for donuts, and when the part was
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