Something That I Always Wanted To Do In High School Was

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Something that I always wanted to do in high school was go to an old people’s home. It was something that I was always hastened about and would always make excuses not to go. Growing up for some reason I was always somewhat scared of old people, besides my grandparents of course. But other than that, my mom would tell me when I was little I always was afraid to talk to old people. All my friends in high school would tell me stories how it is a good experience and something that everyone should try. So, for this paper I decided to go outside my comfort zone and go to an old people’s home. Being that all my friends are in college, and everyone’s schedules are so busy, no one was able to come with me. So, going in I was a little nervous…show more content…
Being somewhere out of my comfort zone impacted me in a very positive way. I look at older people very different now, then I did before this experience. Yes, some can still be very grumpy and mean, but I learned that not all of them. This experiences impacted me in a way that it breaks my heart that these older people are put in these homes, and don’t have family that are willing to take care of them. I didn’t travel too far for this, I live about 30 min away from school, So I went home for the weekend and went to one right in my town. In the beginning of this experience I would say I felt very uncomfortable. I was very nervous, especially because I was alone and didn’t know anyone. Thankful the group of high school girls were there and were very inviting. As the time went on and we got into our groups and played the games I got more comfortable and broke out of my shell. I didn’t speak to as many of the elders as I expected, but I learned a lot about Jim and was happy that he turned out to be my partner. In the beginning like I mentioned, I would say I was kind of hiding in the back, but as time went out and I got more comfortable, I then put away my shyness and opened up. For someone to come from a different country to come to America all alone with no family or friends and to this experience would be similar for one aspect and could also be different in some ways. Similar because going into the old people’s home, I was all alone. But, different

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