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“Can I Get You Started With Something to Drink?” My dad once told me, “In this world there’s always going to be hungry people, drunk people, and sick people so if you want to succeed, you open up a restaurant, a liquor store, or you become a doctor.” A lot of people have never waited tables before, but a lot have. Those that have, know it can be both the easiest job and the hardest job. That’s what I do while I make my way through college, I wait tables. My family has owned restaurants since I can remember, I grew up in those things. Especially when my dad finally got the chance to open up his own, I remember sitting at in the unfinished building at 8 years old doing homework every day after school while construction workers ran all…show more content…
Of course, part of my job is to try to initiate a conversation with everyone, but occasionally you go past the a basic “how are you doing today” conversation and all of a sudden you know about their whole family and where they just went on vacation. The hate part of this comes in when customers make everything difficult. Everyone that has ever had this job at any restaurant can tell you that if you’re a difficult customer, all the staff will know about you within two minutes and you will be the topic of conversation for the next hour. “The customer is always right” is something that should have never been said, because some people take that too serious and have the most ridiculous requests. My all time favorite is when they lick their plate clean, then say they didn’t like the food so they deserve to get their entire meal comped. A lot of times you wouldn’t believe that customers can and will act like a five year old throwing a fit because their margarita isn’t the color they expected it to be. This is a daily struggle because of our unique “sweet and sour” mix but well, we learn to deal. Honestly, I hate giving them what they want after they throw a fit but it’s not within a good employee to tell the customers off. Not exclusive to this job, but I think anywhere you go there is a certain level of importance to the relationship with your coworkers. I myself, do try and become friends with every single person

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