Something Worth Fighting For

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“The strongest reason for giving woman all the opportunities for higher education, for the full development of her faculties, complete emancipation from all forms of bondage, of custom, of dependence, of superstition; from all the crippling influences of fear, is the solitude and personal responsibility of her own individual life. To guide our own craft, we must be captain, pilot, engineer; with chart and compass to stand at the wheel; to match the wind and waves and know when to take in the sail, and to read the signs in the firmament over all. It matters not whether the solitary voyager is man or woman.” (Elizabeth Cady Stanton) Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s words ripple through time like a pebble in a pond. Stanton was among the first…show more content…
The women were successful in their efforts to get the message out. Each declaration was passed, and sixty-eight women signed the document. The aftermath of the convention lead to great struggles and many debates. Elizabeth was referred to as a “professional lunatic.” Elizabeth’s provocative message, along with the fear of change outraged people. They did not want to accept or surrender to the requests of women. Despite the hardships, Elizabeth continued to struggle in her quest to help women. Later that year Elizabeth was successful in having the Married Women’s Property Act passed. This act granted women the right to acquire property. She also organized a national convention for Women’s Rights. After a successful national convention Elizabeth attended another anti-slavery rally where she met Susan B. Anthony. In 1851 Susan was very active in the pursuit of freedom for slaves. During their meeting Elizabeth presented Susan with facts from the national women’s convention and Susan agreed to take up the cause. While fighting this battle, side by side, Elizabeth and Susan became great friends. Susan was known as Elizabeth’s counterpart. She took on the role of organizer and demonstrator, while Elizabeth accepted the role of intellectual voice and public speaker. Together they achieved greatness. They tackled unjust topics such as temperance,

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