Sometimes a Simple Change Isn't so Simple Essay

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Case Study - Sometimes a Simple Change Isn’t So Simple

Regina Pierson

Berkeley College School of Graduate Studies
November 22nd 2015

Central Hospital in Tempe, Arizona decided to implement a computerized Medication Administration Record (MAR) into one of their small locations before rolling it out to the entire organization. Art Baxter, the Chief Information Officer in charge of Medical Information Systems (MIS) at Central Hospital assigned Kate Cohen, a programmer and analyst, as the Project Manager. Kate formed a project team but failed to include representatives from departments that were going to use the system. Unfortunately, the key stake holder/users did not have a seat at the table. Even though the
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The MARs project failed on day one. There where multiple issues raised immediately after MAR’s was released. This caused a concern for patients at the hospital due to prescription mix ups. The system became overloaded and was brought down shortly after being released.
One of the contributing factors to the project failure is lack of management. The Chief Information Officer, Art Smith, is a former plumbing supplier who is not very tech savvy assigned the MARs project to Kate Cohen. Kate, a programmer, had no prior project management experience. Kate is knowledgeable in computer systems, but lacked the leadership and management skills required to drive this project. When implementing a systems change at a scale this large, the project needs experienced management and proper planning. These characteristics were not accounted for when Art appointed Kate as Project Manager.
Another contributing factor to Mar’s failure was lack of preparation. The implementation was done with little testing without looking at all the possible glitches that may occur when being launched. The training amongst the users was done in an accelerated form, a training style that should not have been used for new robust system. Majority of the staff members input was ignored and was not taken into consideration. When systems are being changed or created input from the users (i.e. Nurses, Pharmacists and

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