Somewhere For Everyone By John Grisham Essay

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John Grisham “Somewhere for Everyone”: The Homeless issue in America Homelessness is referred to a person or a group of people without a permanent residence. They cannot meet or maintain adequate housing due to various reasons. According to Project Home; “Nearly one-quarter (23 percent or 127,787) of all homeless people were children, under the age of 18. Ten percent (or 52,973) were between the ages of 18 and 24, and 66 percent (or 383,948) were 25 years or older.” (2016) with many of these people experiencing homelessness for episodes of months at a time, this is a growing issue that faces Americans who are below the poverty line. John Grisham’s essay “Somewhere for Everyone” reveals the way the public feels and views homeless people. He points out this crisis of homelessness and how it is growing but even more so is the public’s unconcerned approach to the problem. Alana Samuels “How Can the U.S End Homelessness” is an essay more focused on the crisis rather than the public’s view. Both incredibly different essays yet both focused on the issue of Homelessness. The main concentration on both essays includes important subjects about homelessness: the concern for growing numbers in homelessness, the issues homeless people face, and involvement from the public/Governemnt. John Grisham showed concern for the growing number of the homeless in his essay. It starts off by John Grisham reflecting on his life in Mississippi and how the word “Homeless” was never used to refer
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