Somewhere for Me

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Somewhere for me.

"How many times must I apologize until you are satisfied?"'

Sage snorted at Christopher.

"Look, I've brought these as a peace-offering," the prince held up a fistful of carrots he had snagged from the palace kitchens.

The mare snorted again.

"I know you are accustomed to the pampered life, Sage, but this is as fine an establishment as any. Liam is quite the little, groom as I'm sure you'd agree.

Sage moodily munched the peace-keeping vegetables, completely ignoring her master.

"Ever so ungrateful..."

"I like horses too," Liam cut in, "but even I don't carry out conversations like.. like they're people."

Christopher tuned to the boy, "Is it truly so unusual?"

Liam nodded vigorously.

"Well, I don't think so," grumbled the prince, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Are you going to take your horse now?" Liam asked as he sat upon a bale of hay, with his feet dangling inches above the dirt floor.

"No, I have a hankering to explore the village again today. I'll return for Sage later, I promise," he loudly directed at the mare.

Sage snorted once more. Shaking his head with a sigh, Christopher fished for a coin to pay Liam, but the boy refused.

"For the price of that gold coin you gave me yesterday, Sage is welcome at Openmoor anytime."

"I insist, Liam..."

"I am no cheat, sir. The Destry's run an honest business, and you've paid enough rent for six months at least."

"All right," Christopher grinned, "I respect that. You can expect me back..."
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