"Son Of Tears", Chapter by Chapter.

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Chapter 1

Augustine and his friends are doing bad stuff, running through fields, and taking people's fruit. He and his best friend Alypius get caught behind and have to hide out. Then, they meet up with the others at the center of town they called the Hollow. Here, Augustine told his story he had with a lady, who had a husband. Then an argument occurred.

Chapter 2

Augustine's parents, Monica and Patricius, talk about sending their son away. While talking, they realize that Augustine has become a man. Monica then asks for Patricius to be baptized, and convert to Christianity. He says he can not because he would make a poor follower of Christ, and does not want to upset his local gentry. At the end of this chapter, the conversation ends
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They are obviously poor. Augustine expresses his uncertainty about getting married while in school, and gets a chance to talk to Melanie privately. He expresses his obsessive love for her, but she declines his advances and asks him to leave. He does so, with a broken heart.

Chapter 12

Augustine, distraught but resolute, decides to win the heart of Melanie. He gets a haircut and brings her a canary. The two get to talking, and despite herself, finds herself attracted to Augustine.

Chapter 13

Augustine, with his head still spinning with love, talks to Alypius about love and the possibility of moving out of the apartment and getting his own apartment to live with Melanie in. Augustine goes to see Melanie and finds her in the company of a roman soldier. Augustine promptly hits the soldier, then gets knocked out and awakens to the sight of Melanie kneeling over him. They speak more of love and moving in together.

Augustine later gets a note from Melanie telling him that her father is gone for Syracuse, and he goes to her and she, for the first time professes her love for him.

Chapter 14

Now, after some time of living together, tensions are building in the apartment. Augustine first accuses Melanie of being wasteful, then unfaithful. Augustine recalls their two years together as being six months of passion followed by a year and a half of bickering and fighting. Melanie later comes home and explains

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