Son by Yiyun Li

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Son, written by Yiyun Li. Karolina Strömberg 10SPC Han are an ethnic group native to East Asia. Han is the majority ethic group of the chinese population and by that one can think that maybe the name Han (in the story) was decided because he is not so different from others as he thinks he is. That his mother will wait at the airport for him with a photo album that contains pictures of woman that he can marry. A diamond bachelor has usually passed the optimum marriage years, but is much valued because he is successful in his career and has status in society. Many women desire such bachelors. In this content filial duty (duty of a son)is for Han to marry a woman and having a son to make his mother and the…show more content…
Han's mother does not condemn him. She tells him that God knows everything, he understands everything and he loves you. She wants her son to start believing, not only in God but also in himself. The final note is that whatever Han will do in his life his mother will always love and support him. The narrator is a third person although we look through Han's eyes. That might influence my understandings and judgement but mainly it makes me understand more about why Han thinks and acts the way he does. In the beginning of the story I felt sympathy for Han's mother because she tried so hard and did not get any response from Han. Although in the end my mind has changed and I does not longer see Han's mother as the “Weaker” individual. Instead I see Han as a broken man who should love

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