Son of Satan

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Analysis and interpretation of Charles Bukowski’s short story “Son of Satan”.
Rebellious behavior of today’s youth and vulgar vocabulary in early age can be developed by domestic violence, economic hardship and the loneliness caused by paternal indifference. This short story shows how important a good parenting and upbringing is and to maintain an image in front of your child, because the fact is that you become like your parents.
The short story takes place in America and the reader gets the impression that the event takes place some sort of suburbs a day which seems like a nice hot summer day: “…and it was summer, no school, and we sat on the grass in the sun behind my father’s garage…”(1 line2)
The short story starts in media res
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They are visiting Simpson where they terrorize him with verbal and physical bullying. The setting kind of underlines the irony of the terrible events taking place in the middle of what seems to be a pleasant place.
You can say that Simpson is the classic victim role: “Simpson had always been a loner. Probably lonely. He never mixed with us other guys. He was strange that way. Maybe that’s what bothered us about him”.
Simpson is a kind of a sissy because he does nothing to protect himself, and does not use any kind og self-defense. He seems innocent, lonely, and powerless and he gets picked on because of his look with freckles.
This quote also illustrates the irony of the event. The gang is picking on Simpson because of something truly stupid and irrelevant and he is without doubt, an easy and obvious victim for the protagonist’s frustrations and fear which is expressed through violence toward Simpson.
Another very important character in this story is the father of the protagonist. The father is described as some sort of monster both psychologically and physically. And when the father finds out what has happened he beats the protagonist. In this fight the protagonist says following quotation: “”You better kill me,” I said, “because when I get big enough I’m going to kill you!””.
As reader you gets the impression that this is definitely not the first time he has beat his son. Through the entire story the mother is absent
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