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Executive Summary:
Sonali Bank Limited is the largest State-owned commercial bank in Bangladesh. It was established under Bangladesh Banks Nationalization Order-1972, President’s Order No.26, 1972 consisting of National Bank of Pakistan, Bank of Bhawalpur and Premier Bank. Sonali Bank Limited was registered on June 3, 2007 as a Public Limited Company under Companies Act, 1994 with the joint stock companies and firms for managerial efficiency and developing bank service. Bangladesh Bank issued Banking license on June 5, 2007 under the Bank Company Act.1991. The main focus of the Sonali bank Limited is to provide all types of banking services to the door-steps of the people. The bank participates in various socio-economic activities and
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When transfer of money occurs from any foreign country to the home country it is called foreign remittance. The economy of Bangladesh is mainly depended on this sector. A lot of people staying outside the country send money to their relatives and family. Both the receiver and sender want this money to be transferred safely and rapidly. Bank provides these services to them in a secured way.

This internship report on Sonali Bank Limited is prepared to fulfill the partial requirement of the internship program as full credit subject of the BBA program of The University.

Today remittance is one of the most important areas in the economy. Economy and finance is carrier of the country. So for the aspects of economic development, banking sector must be reformed. In the process of forming a good economic system, Sonali Bank are paling an important role compare to the other banks in the country. For this reason I prepared my internship report on Sonali Bank Limited.


The primary objectives of the report are:

• To fulfill the partial requirement of the internship program as a full credit subject of the BBA program.

• To know about the banking sector of Bangladesh.

• To be accustom with the management policy or process of SBL in Bangladesh.

• To get an overall idea about the management policy of SBL.

The secondary objectives of the report are as

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