Song Analysis : Alright By Kendrick Lamar

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In “Alright” Kendrick Lamar is speaking to the public about police brutality, or is he sending a deeper message to the people of minority. Kendrick Lamar released the song titled “Alright” in 2015. Upon release the song instantly blew up. It 's catchy and even though people got tongue tied trying to recite the song everyone knew the hook of the song which stated “We gon be alright do you hear me do you feel me we gon be alright.” I wonder did anyone catch the poetic verses Kendrick was saying before the hook. By simply watching the video you instantly think oh police brutality but I recieved a deeper message. I believe Kendrick wanted the song to inform the public about the brutality that seemed to be continuous at the time; and offer a bit of hope to those who didn’t feel there was any. That’s why the song was so famous, Kendrick performed this song on numerous award shows and talk shows because the people needed to hear it. Though some believe the song is in protest against cops or sending a bad message others believe it is an anthem for african americans. I do believe that Kendrick targeted the African American population with the song but the song could be for all races and minorities. I don’t think the song excluded anyone. Police brutality can happen to any race and it has happened to just about every race. African Americans just have been the most talked about and more frequently abused lately. Kendrick doesn’t put himself upon a pedestal or imply that he’s above

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