Song Analysis Of Concrete Angel

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The song I chose is a song sung by Martina McBride, a country singer, called Concrete Angel. The song was written by Rob Crosby and Stephanie Bentley, later released on November 18, 2002. The song is about a young girl, Angela Carter, who doesn’t have the most stable and safest home. At home she is domestically abused by her drugged mother, neglected and forced to take care of herself; she packs her own school lunch, walks to school by herself, and is wearing the same dress showing her mom does not care to give her new clothes. When watching the music video, in the beginning children are laughing at her, which shows she is bullied, another main theme tackled in the song. The bruises are seen by her teacher and the neighbors hear her…show more content…
The girl has no authority figure, a careless mother, no father, and no other adult to rescue her. A third social force would be Theory of Self, formation of self through interactions with significant others. Through the lack of recourses, having to hide her abuse and the neglect of her mother, she’s forced to put on a strong front, keep her home life a secret, and pretend everything is okay although it’s not; “through the wind and the rain she stands hard as a stone in a world that she can't rise above.” Her home life and lack of relationships with others really takes a toll on her happiness and sometimes she wishes she was never born. A fourth social force would be related to the child abuse and neglect, there’s actually two sociological phenomenon and norm breaking. It’s considered a sociological phenomenon because it is not an innate behavioral pattern for human beings to follow. Abusing and your child, is not only a norm breaking but also breaking the law. Norms today when it comes to a child is expected of the parent to love, take care, and provide for them, not to beat them. This was not the case at all in Concrete Angel, for her mother constantly beat her, never showed any love towards her or took care of her. Another norm violated would be with the teacher and neighbors; they heard or saw signs of abuse but never stepped up to save the girl from the abuse. They hid behind fear and turned a blind
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