Song Analysis Of 'ILl Be Missing You'

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I’ll Be Missing You “I’ll Be Missing You” is a rap ballad by Puff Daddy and Faith Evans featuring R&B group 112. This song was written in memory of renowned rap artist Christopher Wallace who many may also know him as ‘Biggie Smalls, Big papa, or The Notorious B.I.G.’ He was gunned down and murdered in Los Angles in March of 1997. Almost immediately following his death, Puff Daddy and Wallace’s widowed wife, Faith Evans, team up to say their farewells. What started out as a tribute to Wallace, ended up having a much bigger impact on the world than expected. On March 9, 1997, Christopher Wallace’s life was cut short at the age of twenty-four in a drive by shooting in Los Angles. Wallace was a close friend to Puff Daddy and husband to Faith Evans. Distraught by Wallace’s death, they wanted to perform a song in memory of him and also to help gain closure for their selves. Within the past decade, Hip Hop has become increasingly sought-after both in popular music and in a genre of its own. When Puff Daddy released the song it went above both the genres of rock and hip-hop. The song, “I’ll Be Missing You”, features leading vocals from Wallace’s widowed wife, Faith Evans, and background vocals from the famous R&B group, 112. Wallace and Evans did not write the song, “I’ll Be Missing You” was actually written by multiple people. “He took the lyrics from a Brooklyn rapper Todd “Sauce Money” Gaither. Todd Gaither did receive a Grammy award in 1997 for his lyrics. The chorus sung
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