Song Analysis Of The Secret Life Of Bees

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The Secret Life of Bees, takes place during the Civil Rights Movement in South Carolina. Lily Owens is a 14 year old girl who carries the senseless burden of killing her mother. She destroys herself believing that she killed her mother and can't come to peace with the accident she caused that caused her mother to die. Later in the book she comes to find out that her mother abandoned T. Ray and her. She is now at a different conundrum and believes her mother should be hoping she’ll forgive her instead of her mother forgiving her. She learns form the Boatrights that she needs to come to piece with her mothers decisions and for the death of her mother. She notices how Mary comes to piece when she sings, “Oh! Susanna”, and helps her realize we all have our own trials and hardships but we also have our own way of coming to peace with our actions. Josh Garrels sings the song,”Farther Along”, and to me this is a song of joy. The song does have a somber tone to the song. “I wondered why the good man dies, the bad man thrives and Jesus cries because he loves em’ both”. This phrase tells me how much Jesus loves us. He is not only crying because a good man died, or because one of his children has fallen far off track, but he is crying for them both. He loves them both. “There's much more to life than we’ve been told it’s full of beauty that will unfold”. Life is full of ugliness and hardships. This proclaims that there is more than all of that and we will all one day see this beauty
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