Song Analysis: We Found Love by Calvin Harris Essay

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Introduction “We Found Love” is a popular song produced by Calvin Harris and features singer Rihanna. “We Found Love” reached the number one spot in the top charts in multiple countries in 2012 and the music video became popular very quickly after being filmed in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The music video features a young couple living in an impoverished council estate in West Belfast. Both characters portrayed in the music video are in their twenties and of mixed race, one parent being black and the other being Caucasian. Their relationship is distinguished by domestic violence as the couple is seen yelling, pushing and hurting one another, along with stealing from convenience stores, gambling and abusing drugs and alcohol together.…show more content…
The abuse of the female character as indicated in the video, is justified by the androcentric theory of biological determinism and its inherent biases; sexism and classism, as she is not only female but she is not Caucasian or wealthy. The music video also portrays that the living arrangements and socioeconomic status of the couple is justified by their race. The couple is of mixed race and is living in a very small, messy council estate and is forced to have to steal and gamble due to their lack of income. The couple also abuses drugs and alcohol. This image plays into the cultural ideology of the inequality between Caucasian and other races. The majority of people in Belfast are Caucasian and the particular couple in “We Found Love’s” music video happen to be non-Caucasian and living in poverty. Biological determinism and racism in “We Found Love” justifies and normalizes the poverty in which the couple lives in as the “natural life” or what an individual’s destiny is, is determined by race and sex. Binary oppositions including “rich” and “poor” come into mind when viewing this music video. This couple, obviously living in poverty are automatically portrayed as alcohol and drug abusers and deemed as “bad” or as “criminals” by society as police car lights are seen in multiple scenes. Switching the focus to the lyrics, “We Found Love” lyrics are

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