Song Cover Designer : By Thomas Edison 's Invention Of The Gramophone

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Album Cover Designer

The world of music was changed in the late 1800s with Thomas Edison’s invention of the gramophone. Since then the technology used to play and record music has evolved, starting first on cylinders, then to records, cassette tapes, compact discs and now digital files. The first record album covers were first designed in the 1930’s. While the size and format of ‘album covers’ continues to change, the visual design that goes with recorded music remains important.

The front cover is a key component of the overall packaging of an album. A great album cover communicates about the music and inspires someone to want to listen to the music. To create great album cover graphic designers combine photography and/or
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Take a look at well-designed album covers by searching online or visiting a store that sells music. What was it about each designs you liked that made it catch your eye? What did the font and image communicate to you about the music?

Creative Challenge: Imagine you are a graphic designer that has been hired to design a cover for a new music CD.
Basic: Create a CD cover using magazine collage. Make sure to include 2 or more photographic images, the band’s name and the album name.

Intermediate: Use computer software or an online album cover generator to design 3+ versions of an album cover. Design the back cover and/or liner notes. Make sure the size of your image is the right size for a CD or record album.

Advanced: Design a promotion package for a band. This should include the album cover, poster, and t-shirt. Book Cover Designer
Book cover designers are graphic designers who specialize in creating the layouts for the covers of books. A great cover design should grab readers’ eye and entice them to purchase the book. Designers pay careful attention to every detail as they know the buyer will be influenced by the color, typeface, images and layout. When designing a cover, the designer includes the title of a book, the author’s name, as well some sort of cover art. It should give the viewer insight into the
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