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Lee Brice has been called one of the most promising new voices in country. As a boy Lee wanted to be a football player like his father. That was a short lived plan because he ended up injuring his arm his senior year. He had to have cartilage removed from his arm and that ended his sports career. Lee Brice was working on his civil engineering degree when he decided to follow his dream instead. He spent his spring break in Nashville checking out the town and its possibilities. During his visit to Nashville he met songwriter and producer Doug Johnson. Doug Johnson told Lee “I see that you love music with every bone in your body, so unless you love civil engineering as much you love music, you need to be here.” That is all it took, Lee…show more content…
I think that the song A woman like you describes the kind of love we are looking for. I believe we all want someone who is sensitive and caring. Most people what to feel the same love in return. It builds a strong relationship to be sensitive and loving. It is kind of like. do onto others as you would have them do onto you.In a good relationship you want to make the other person feel your love. In the song Hard to love there is a selfish person and a loving person. That persons probably gets their feelings hurt a lot but are so in love that they let pass. It is easier for them to keep the person they love and deal with what was handed to them then to try and change things. In reality they are probably afraid that they will lose this person that they love if they try change them. It could also be that the person has never really learned how to express their feelings and are not sure how to love. In the end we all want love but one always hopes it is a mutual
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