Song For A Dark Girl By Langston Hughes

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In this day and age it seems like hate groups are becoming more popular, which makes it well a talked about subject. But, it never got in to details about the reason hate groups were even created and why. In addition to getting more in depth with psychological part of an individual. In addition to why we are waiting until now to deal with the issue of hate groups and hate crimes in a more vigorous manner. With Recommendations that are provided for government officials to protect freedom while improving governmental awareness. Therefore, ensuring that the principles are supported over prejudice. Langston Hughes, “Song for a Dark Girl,” is a piece of literature is about an African American girl who finds her lovers body lynched in a tree. This poem expresses an experience that in that era was unfortunately very common. Langston Hughes was an African American poet who was considered the leading poet of the Harlem Renaissance. Many black artists were settling to Harlem during this time, seeking freedom from the cruelty of life in the south. In Harlem, artists were encouraged to freely express their experiences through their talents. Their works helped to promote racial pride and helped civil rights for African Americans. “Song for a Dark Girl” was written by Langston Hughes in 1927. The title is very explanatory in what this piece is about. This piece is a song about an African American girl who found her lover’s body lynched in a tree. This poem expresses an experience that
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