Song From The One And Only Grunge Rock Group Nirvana

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“Come, as you are, as you were, as I want you to be”. These famous lyrics can be recognized from a song from the one and only grunge rock group Nirvana. These lyrics can mean many things but it is all about a person’s interpretation. One interpretation though, that can single out one of the most important concepts of the grunge era, is “to be yourself”. In the grunge crowd, in their following, there is supposed to be no judgment. You can “come as you are, as a friend, as an enemy” as you want to be. This concept hit home for a lot of young kids in the 90’s. They felt like they connected to this music, especially to Kurt Cobain’s lyrics. Nirvana’s success marked the real beginning of this genre of music, “fusing punk disaffection with the…show more content…
All these bands contributed to the Grunge Revolution, but it was Nirvana that really took everyone on a whirlwind. Right before the Grunge Revolution, Rock music had become something of a show with all the glitz and glamour and puffed hair and make-up. At this point people were yearning for real rock music to make a comeback, people wanted something meaningful and the new 90’s generation wanted a new voice. This is what Nirvana gave the people, through music, and through Kurt Cobain’s radicalness and “I don’t care what you think about me, this is who I am” attitude, he made it known that it was ok to be who you are. No matter what you’re going through or think, there was no judgment in his music, but more rebellion and the people wanted to rebel against all that society believed was perceived as correct, even if it wasn’t. It is no secret that Kurt struggled with many things, he struggled with his fame that sky rocketed overnight, struggled with the emotions of a very harsh childhood, and then came drugs to numb it all. All these emotions though, flowed through his music, and people felt as if they knew him personally and a lot of the generation of the 90’s felt they could relate to his music. What he didn’t realize is that he was inadvertently bringing back the realness and rawness to Rock that everyone was yearning for.
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