Song Lyric Analysis: Transcendentalism of U2

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U2 the band exemplifies the ideas of transcendentalism as shown in Beautiful Day, Invisible, and With or Without You. U2 makes their songs part of the world. Different descriptions of nature and human identifications of their song titles. In U2 Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen, Jr. are the makers of the band. Beautiful Day is the most common transcendentalism song by U2. Its always a beautiful day when you're happy and always in a good mood. First line is “the heart is a bloom.” Its extremely important that they catch the audience U2 was trying to catch. Whenever its a beautiful day don't let it get away from you because you will regret it once its over. “See the world in green and blue,” the colors represent the grass and the water on the earth. See the world and how beautiful it is. Theres nothing holding you back from exploring the world. “Don't need it now” you have all you in the world. All you need is your happiness and your own love. Nothing will stop you from having a great day. Invisible is a song about that no one sees you and your all alone but really am here. I didn’t even want the heart you broke,” It’s yours to keep, You just might need one” I do want my heart and i feel like you should have it so you know how i feel. “I am not invisible,” I have been here the whole time. No one sees it but I have been trying to get you to notice me all along. “I didn't even want the heart you broke,” saying I am not going to be in the pain you

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