Song Of Myself By Walt Whitman

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While it is not commonly known, the type of music a person listens to affects the way in which they perceive the world. Music also triggers activity in the brain structures that release dopamine, the pleasure chemical also released during sex and eating. In his gutsy poem to America, Song of Myself, Walt Whitman uses repetition to make music that will bring pleasure to his readers and also shape how they perceive the world. Whitman begins his poem by boldly stating that he celebrates himself. Like the chorus to a song he repeats the word “I” throughout the entirety of the poem. The meaning of the word transitions from “I” being Whitman himself, to the people reading his book, and then ending with the reader realizing that “I” is, and has been, the American ideal. We all make up the American ideal; we are all America and important to what America stands for. Whitman stresses that this one country, seemingly small compared to earth’s vast borders, can ignite the ideas of equality, love, and independence that should be mirrored throughout the world. His words would go on to inspire not only literary artists that followed him but musical artists of the 21st century like Aloe Blacc. The impactful opening line “I celebrate myself” (Whitman 1) is followed by the repetition of “assumes”. It utilization brings the attention back to the question of what “I” is representing. According to the Oxford English Dictionary assumes is “to take into the body.” Walt Whitman chose to expedite

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