Song Of Solomon Discrimination Quotes

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normalization, by the society they live in, of the way these women are treated goes hand in hand with the way men seem to discard them so easily, because in Song of Solomon the women are the ones who get left behind. Morrison tries to break the stereotypical characterization of the women’s dependency on men, for instance by creating characters like Pilate who are more than capable to break free.
In the novel it is noticeable that some of the women are those who seem to be unable to fly and suffer the most at the hand of the characters who are able. They are trapped in their marriages, crushed by heavy burdens and try to survive day by day. (Morrison, 1977) Some women seem to be grounded and trapped on earth. They are obsessive and rely on the safe and familiar places they have known their whole lives , for instance Ruth Foster Dead, she is milkman’s mother and the daughter of the first negro doctor in town. (Morrison, 1977) Ruth has been mentally abused by her husband and lives a loveless existence, against one’s better judgment, Ruth stays married to Macon Dead II. She knows that she is in fact together but still alone. She
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